2020-2021 JMS A-TSI Plan

Please click the file to review the JMS A-TSI Plan for 20-21 SY.  If you have any questions please reach out to members of the steering committee or directly contact Dino Scarton ([email protected]).
Additional Targeted Support and Improvement (A-TSI):  PDE Link
Pennsylvania’s new Federal accountability system reflects the same principle underlying the Future Ready PA Index—meaningful evaluation of school progress should consider a wide array of evidence including academic achievement, academic progress, graduation rate, English learner proficiency, and school success conditions. Pennsylvania’s ESSA State Plan replaces an accountability system that relied on a single year of data for a single measure, and instead examines multiple years of academic and non-academic evidence. Termed “Annual Meaningful Differentiation” by the Federal statute, accountability procedures will be implemented annually to provide stakeholders with important information on both whole school and student group progress; every three years, Pennsylvania will designate schools for improvement targets based on school-level (Comprehensive Support and Improvement) and student group (Additional Targeted Support and Improvement) performance.