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Due to body of research showing that the most effective middle schools divide students into small groups under the guidance of a core group or teachers, across disciplines, who act as advisors and mentors.  Greater Johnstown Middle School has taken the approach of creating schools-within-schools, called "Houses."  GJMS has six (6) houses:
5th Grade - Pride
5th Grade - Tradition
6th Grade - Pride
6th Grade - Tradition
7th Grade - Pride
7th Grade - Tradition
The students at Greater Johnstown Middle School benefit from being in "houses" or rather being served by "houses" of teachers for their core subjects; two at each grade level.  This means that students are scheduled as if they went to one of six "small" schools.  Students in a house go to only the teachers in their house for their core subjects.  This means that a student experiences this school of almost 650 students as if he or she were in a school of about 110 students.  This is extremely beneficial for social and emotional development and academic growth.